The needies

Every quarter of a month its often seen that either a wealthy man or a scandalist politician or any celebrity offers precious articles or heavy donations at many famous temples or such places where our almighty God is considered to live.
The higher the offering is the higher respect is considered to be earned by such people and also in the heart of a common man.
But We never listened the news  wrt to such people who offers such things to god had ever offered such articles to the one who really require it ot the needy one?
Neither the beggars asking for pennies outside the same temple. They are molested sometimes or neglected , not only in the case  if any social media is visible.
The actual point of consideration is, do our maker really require such heavy offerings?
To bless us with our desires he ever asked for bribe?
Do our maker and devastator almighty ever asked for offerings from us to earn respect?
As our holy Bhadwad Geeta speaks "If human wants to find me he can find it in every single molecules existing, if don't he can never find me in every place where he believes me to reside."
 The earned wealth of such people can be used in a much finer way. Like adopting the education of desired children. Saving life of many people who can't have the treatment .
Feeding the starving. Also such homeless animals who needs a shelter.


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